Fiona Asbury and Matt Steele's genre-defying sound is steeped in a shared love of the slightly-skewed beauty of artists such as Bjork, Massive Attack and Four Tet, and a mission statement to avoid cliche at every turn. Asbury began working with electronica producer Steele in 2009 when they realised that their seemingly disparate musical backgrounds shared a common ground.

Drawing on the lush orchestral arrangements of the likes of Vince Mendoza, combined with the kind of electronics found in the productions of Brian Eno, their music places Asbury's warm, soulful playing over haunting strings, woozy beats and lush electronica, with a strong melodic sense tying the whole together. Their live show incorporates some of the duo's highly respected session musician colleagues, with live strings, a full rhythm section and live effect manipulation making it a show not to be missed.